The Big Rocks of Coworking

There are a million and one things to consider when thinking about launching a coworking space. Other than focusing on the business side of things, I’ll focus this article on some of the higher level things one should consider. There’s a modern day parable...  Fibre for the Masses. Fibre for the Masses.

Some of you may recall the little campign we launched last year around this topic using Thunderclap I would guess that the goods and services that travel on our digital highways outweigh the physical goods in quantity and economic impact. Barrie, we need to start...
Farewell Asa!

Farewell Asa!

A sad day at TCS today: We said goodbye to Asa Cox. Asa is a longtime member of The Creative Space, amazing visionary, entrepreneur and business leader, now moving to New Zealand. You’ll be missed Asa! Thanks for blessing the community for the three years you...

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