TREPDesk Program

What the Sponsors get:

    • A table display to show your company logo as a ‘TrepDesk Sponsor
    • We’ll add you to a page on our site with links to your business.
    • We’ll feature you on our home page banner for the month.
    • We’ll share on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In about your generosity.
    • We’ll do a press release to see if we can get you in the papers.
    • You are invited to attend any TCS Event throughout the month.
    • Any ‘Trep who takes advantage of your sponsorship will be required to:

– Wear your company t-shirt with logo on it and do a 30 second commercial thanking you for your support, telling you what they are doing, etc. to be posted to YouTube and facebook
– Tweet, Facebook, and or Pin posts and comments 2-3x per week linking to your company

What the Treps get:

  • Access to a Trep Desk space 9-5 m-f (wifi, desk & chair, space use, etc)
  • Access to meeting space as available the day they are in.
  • Time with TCS ‘Treps over a lunch hour 2x a month (TREPTalk).
  • Connection to other ‘Treps in Barrie.
  • Able to attend member only lunches and other community events.
  • Desk can be shared up to 2 students.

Price Tag

For only $250/mth you’ll not only get some great exposure, but you’ll be instrumental in helping young entrepreneurs get a great start!

Call or email us if you have any questions. 705-812-0689

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