Creative Collaging Essentials


Thursday, February 10 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Accessible, environmental, and experimental, collaging is an art form suitable for all ages and levels of artistic practice. But what makes a collage one step above the rest? How can one turn their montaging, decoupaging, and scrapbooking into a professional art practice? Join Jill to take a brief tour of her Cultural Collages exhibition at the creative space and then learn tips and techniques that will make your collages collectable by others. Paper, paint, inks, drawing utensils, glue and brushes will be provided.

Participants are to bring:
• Scissors
• One old artwork you are ready to get rid of
• 10 other pieces of paper which in someway document your day to day life. E.g. a list of things to do, a letter to a friend, a receipt from a restaurant, etc…

(Ages 14 & up)- $25.00 per person, register for all 3 workshops by Feb. 3rd and pay only $60.00. For more info and to register, please contact Jill Price at or call 705-719-0312.

Mini Zine Madness Workshop

7 Spots Left!

Thursday, February 17 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Come and learn what a zine is and why one should build, trade, or read them. Students will briefly explore the history of zines, chapbooks, fanzines etc., and sift through Alana’s personal collection of zines to note different styles of binding, formatting and content. Then, all will learn how to fold and where to cut a single piece of 8.5 by 11 paper to make a mini-zine. Building your own mini-zine using collage supplies provided, write a story, draw a comic, anything you want to zine about. Once completed, photocopy, cut and fold your mini-zine to share with your friends and family.

Participants are to bring:
• paper, scissors, craft knives and self-healing mats
• pens, pencils, writing implements of all kinds
• collage supplies (different papers, magazine clippings, kid’s books, etc.)

Binding Those Bloomin’ Books

7 Spots Left!

Thursday, February 24 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Using classic techniques, learn how to bind small sections of papers into a book. We will be making one, two if time, and a case for them if we’re speedy. This soft-cover technique requires only simple materials. Paper, which will be simple writing paper, will be provided unless the student wishes to bring a special stock of their own. Covers will be made with cover stock such as Clairfontaine, Lana Ingres or some such. *No prior knowledge required.

Participants are to bring:
• an exacto style blade knife with fresh blades
• a straight edge, preferably metal and cork backed no less than 12”, preferably 18″
• a sharp pencil & eraser

Students are encouraged to bring:
• Hammer, small brushes, finishing nails
• scrap wood for protecting table while puncturing holes
• Scrap cardboard for a cutting mat or a cutting mat.

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