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Without a doubt, The Creative Space, through their coworking business model, has added an element of vibrancy and rejuvenation to Downtown Barrie. In just a single space, The Creative Space can incorporate numerous small, enterprising businesses that can work with each other, amongst each other or on their own. Each business can be ‘proud’ of their own space and yet collaborate and feed off the energy of each other. We know that the majority of business in Barrie and specifically Downtown Barrie is small by nature – meaning less than 5 people, and more times than not, one individual. It is extremely important for these types of businesses to have a spot to call their own and share resources. The Downtown is the hub for the City’s ‘creative class’ and The Creative Space brings it all together. The current business model not only addresses the working person but also targets youth and provides a foundation for creativity, individuality and resourcefulness to make a sustainable, economic impact to our community. The Downtown Barrie Business Association (BIA) is proud to have The Creative Space part of our business membership.
—Craig Stevens