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A sad day at TCS today: We said goodbye to Asa Cox. Asa is a longtime member of The Creative Space, amazing visionary, entrepreneur and business leader, now moving to New Zealand. You’ll be missed Asa! Thanks for blessing the community for the three years you were here. When we write the history of TCS, you’ll have a chapter in there!!

Asa started Generic Pharma 2.o, the Canadian branch of his business at TCS by himself around three years ago.  It’s been great to watch it grow!  Due to the creative collaboration with Rhubarb Media, Digital Giants ,   Red Byrd 3D,   Vireo Research and 5th and Missing, he’s been able to grow his company right here in Barrie leaning on the skills and resources of The Creative Space!  I’ll let him tell the story in another post.

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