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_349562I am writing this letter in support of Chad Ballantyne and his organization, Creative Space. I had the opportunity to work with Chad 0n exploring a Creative Space opportunity in Collingwood. Creative Space, together with the Small Business Enterprise Centre, delivered an information session on co-working spaces and developing a local co-working community. The event was very well attended by local entrepreneurs.

Co-working spaces, such as Creative Space, are an important part of an entrepreneurial ecosystem. These spaces focus on connecting entrepreneurs to a broader community of interest while providing financially and spatially flexible working environments. Entrepreneurs benefit by not only having access to affordable working spaces, but also by networking and engaging with other entrepreneurs. This has the potential to result in increased sales or the possibility of collaborating on projects. Communities also benefit by being able to demonstrate that they have an established entrepreneurial culture. These collaborative environments are not just about the physical space, but about establishing a co-working community.

I would like to congratulate Creative Space on their success to date, and recognize theĀ amount of effort, hard work and dedication that has gone into this venture. Any community would benefit by having a co-working space such as Creative Space.