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The Creative Space is a unique co working environment in Downtown Barrie. Located at the historic five points in the centre of our downtown core this business brings hundreds of employees and their clients into the downtown on a regular basis. The companies utilizing the Creative Space are service based and see clients in their space, at local coffee shops and in downtown restaurants over lunch meetings. The Creative Space has added value to the downtown by bringing professionals into the core of the city. They promote an environment that is conducive to living and working in the same neighbourhood and many of the individuals working at TSC support local downtown shops, restaurants and cultural activities. Clients of the businesses are constantly coming in and out of the space adding vibrancy to the city streets, creating pedestrian traffic and giving shops and restaurants an opportunity to attract new patrons.

The Creative Space has become a staple in downtown Barrie. This venture has helped to revitalize our downtown core and has injected into our city entrepreneurial and innovative thinkers. These members of the creative class have a vested interest in downtown, are some of the city’s biggest downtown advocates and they are making a positive difference in the growth and development of our city centre.