Barrie Historical Archive

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Why I started my company

The Barrie Historical Archive (BHA) is Barrie’s only free online museum of images, videos, documents, and audio. Accessible and available to everyone, the BHA is an exciting ongoing project cultivated by local historians and photographers who are committed to capturing and archiving our rich history and telling your story. As a registered not-for-profit we are completely community sourced and funded.

Our services

  • Historical preservation and archiving
  • Special historical community events
  • Historical research and awareness
  • Online store of historical prints
  • Commercial licensing

Why we like the Creative Space

  • Co-working environment: two heads are better than one
  • Flexible hours, ample work space, chill environment
  • Invested landlords
  • Like-minded tenants
  • Unbeatable historical location!

What is your favorite restaurant downtown?

Grilled Cheese Eatery. Love the vibe and idea. Only wish their portions were a bit larger. Randy has worked hard and deserves the many positive accolades he receives. Innovative and excellent food.

How many cups of coffee a day?


How many on staff?


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