Eric Stanek

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Why I started my company

My educational background is Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. Professionally, I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved in exciting projects. I’ve done body design for a Lamborghini and was the Lead Designer of the End Effector (hand) of Canadarm2 currently in orbit on the International Space Station. Years ago I transitioned to an entrepreneurial career to fill a need in the 3D CAD field. I am currently very involved in the Fintech ecosystem as a project manager and investor in various cryptocurrencies. I love technology and the constant learning curve that comes with it.

Our services

  • Cryptocurrency expert
  • System design and architecture
  • Software development.

Why we like the Creative Space

The friendly energetic atmosphere helps me get work done!

What is your favorite restaurant downtown?

Donaleighs. Healthy food, Guinness and a patio!

How many cups of coffee a day?


How many on staff?


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