Generic Pharma 2.0

Why I started my company

I’m an immigrant from England. We started the company there and then Barrie called to say they wanted a pharmaceutical consulting company to make the town more sophisticated. We obliged and subsequently employed a gaggle of local talent to take our services to every corner of the global industry. 2 days are rarely the same; we love to create.. we’ve launched a dozen new services over the last 12 months. Barrie has been great to us and hopefully we’ll be around for a long time to come.

Our services

Strategy consulting Product and portfolio selection Digital presence management Business development services

Why we like the Creative Space

We’ve worked with nearly everyone in the building on some project or other; the collaboration opportunities are awesome. Being downtown is also a big plus; access to all the local life and feeling part of the buzz of its upgrade has been great.

What is your favorite restaurant downtown?

Donnaleigh’s for sure.. they have done a great job making it feel like a British Pub and the food rocks!

How many cups of coffee a day?


How many on staff?


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