Karen Collacutt

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a Cash Flow Expert?

_MG_8982I have always been interested in helping people figure out what they want and then helping them get it.  I have worked in recruiting, coaching, career counseling and as a birth doula.  I have helped people find a particular job, create a positive birth experience or win a race.

When I joined Freedom 55 Financial in 2003, my goal was the same.  As a traditional financial advisor and then as a Certified Financial Planner, my job was to help my clients plan for and set up their long term financial planning.

What I found was that the clients I loved to work with – busy families – were so caught up in the day-to-day of their finances that it was very hard for them to plan for the long run.  When I made reasonable and helpful recommendations for insurance or investment strategies, they just didn’t know how they would pay for it.

Despite making really great incomes, often $150K – $300K, they were still living pay-cheque to pay-cheque.  They felt out of control and overwhelmed.  Intelligent people felt stupid when they couldn’t figure out how to make their money work.

So, I helped them with their cash-flow.  By sorting out their day-to-day money lives, they could get to their goals – holidays, education savings, home renovations, retirement planning.  Families needed help with cash-flow and no one was doing it – not the financial planners, not the accountants and not the banks.

In 2010, I became the first Certified Money Coach with Money Coaches Canada, transitioning fully to my fee-only practice, focused solely on money coaching.  I no longer sell insurance or investments.  I help families, individuals and groups make friends with their money with private client coaching, group programs, workshops and speeches.  I have been interviewed for articles in numerous publications including Money Sense Magazine, Globe and Mail and Today’s Parent.

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