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Rhubarb Media

Why I started my company

Long story… Here’s the short version I had some skills, needed to pay bills – got a job working for a marketing company and 8 months later launched out on my own with Rhubarb Media. My passion is to be creative and see others do what makes them come alive, so being a freelancer was a bit lonely. Started to get more work, so needed to hire. 7 years later we’re at 6 staff and doing projects all over North America.

Our services

Creative marketing ideas: Web design and development, Branding, Print design

Why we like the Creative Space

The fun atmosphere and the cool people. Collaboration, Community, Creativity. Downtown.

What is your favorite restaurant downtown?

Breakfast – MacDonalds Lunches – McReilies Supper/Dinner – Painter’s Hall/At the Five

How many cups of coffee a day?

Between the 6 of us…Guessing 8 cups

How many on staff?