Sean Renshaw

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Why I started my company

I’m the CEO and 1/2 of the co-founding team of FreshSpoke. We’re reshaping the future of food with a mobile local food marketplace that’s on the cutting edge of an economic revolution known as the “collaborative economy” which makes it possible for us to get what we need from each other instead of large organizations and for revenue to flow through the local ecosystem, directly to the wallets of our local food producers. I have worked in the tech space for 18+ years and have a deep connection to food and farming. FreshSpoke is the most meaningful work I have undertaken to date and we’re excited and optimistic not only our own success but for that of the farmers and other micro-producers that we serve.

Our services

  • Marketing
  • Fundraising,
  • Business Development
  • UX
  • Content Development
  • Entrepreneurship

Why we like the Creative Space

TCS is a brilliant hub that helps entrepreneurs have a taste of office space and be part of the community..

What is your favorite restaurant downtown?

TAJ! OMG love this place they are the best, and Boon Burger, can’t get enough of these restaurants. Loving the vegan movement.

How many cups of coffee a day?


How many on staff?


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