Steve Kostrey

Why I do what I do

I love code, math, music, water and cycling. Coding was not on my list of lifetime goals but it was a perfect fit for me. The high I feel from playing music on stage is the same high I get when I create something with code – call me crazy… but it’s true.

Mad Skills

Currently developing top notch websites and web applications for exceptional cliental using the latest technology with the best people. Excellent analytical and problem solving abilities. Over 9 years developing for the internet and eCommerce. Strong back-end developer with wide skill set. 6+ years experience in application programming. Creative and skilled in web design and audio/video. Team player with the ability to achieve goals single-handedly. Project manager and supervisory experience.

  • Building industry leading back-end and front-end web applications.
  • Extensive back/front-end PHP5/MySQL development including OOP and ORM.
  • Experience with MVC frameworks
  • Database design and SQL queries.
  • JQuery, Javascript. JSON, XML and AJAX.
  • Linux/Unix, command line, Apache mod_rewrite
  • HTML 5 and CSS.
  • Experience in image manipulation, Shipping APIs and PayPal, recurring payments.
  • SVN, Repository.
  • Search Engine Optimization. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Why I like the Creative Space

Great people, atmosphere, connections and networking.

What is your favorite restaurant downtown?

Anything Thai or Indian

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