Survey Media

Why I started my company

Software guru for whatever wacky ideas Shane has come up with this week. I love making computers do things in new, “bleeding edge” ways.

Our services

Pretty much every common development language out there. If I don’t know it, I’ll learn it over the weekend. SQL, C, C++, Python, Haskell, Java, Javascript, PHP, Coffeescript, HTML, CSS, Stylus, Oracle, Sql Server, Postgres, MySQL, DB2, CouchDB, Basic, FoxPro, Access, Base, Windows, Linux, Solaris, BSD, Genshi, EJS, Node.js, cryptography, imaging, web services, data migration, data mining, etc. etc.

Why we like the Creative Space

Working in an art gallery, being right by Dunlop Street, Second Cup and the waterfront.

What is your favorite restaurant downtown?

At the Five currently, right next door, has a nice patio, does a good summer salad.

How many cups of coffee a day?


How many on staff?


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