Startup Canada Day on the Hill

Thanks for considering to offer your insights and feedback as to where things are at in Barrie for startups and entrepreneurs. As we go to represent you in Ottawa we’ll be participating in 5 meeting environments.

1. Member of Parliament Meetings
2. Policy Roundtables
3. Policy Hack-a-Thons

Your answers to some of topics below will give us the intel we need to best represent.
Feel free to fill in one or all!

Thanks in advance!

1. Consultation Worksheet for Startup Canada Communities

2. Creating Entrepreneurial Infrastructure to Grow Our Economy

3. Unlocking & Attracting talent

4. Building an Entrepreneurial Workforce

5. Supporting Women Entrepreneurs To Scale Successful Startups and Small Businesses

6. Reducing barriers and creating incentives for growth

7. Representing Entrepreneurs in your Constituency

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