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Ontario Centres of ExcellenceThe  CCR is issuing a second call for applications to the SmartStart Program. The mandate of this program is to support the new ventures of Ontario’s next generation entrepreneurs (post-secondary students and recent graduates of STEM programs) who are taking the next step out of publicly funded academic institutions and research hospitals by facilitating next generation entrepreneurship training and development.

Program Objectives:

1.   Support  entrepreneurial post-secondary STEM students and recent STEM graduates developing  a start-up company

2.   Provide a challenging and supportive environment for young entrepreneurs in their efforts to launch and grow businesses through entrepreneurship training

3.   Allow next generation entrepreneurs to develop prototype products, source first customers and solve real business needs.

4.   Sustainable economic outcomes and significant job creation.

Eligible Applicants:         Applicants must be either students at the masters or doctoral level or graduates from undergraduate or college advanced diploma program.  In all cases, the applicant must be from Science, Technology, Engineering or Math programs. Please note this is a very competitive process and only 10 applicants will be funded.

Value of the award:        up to $30,000 per approved applicant


§  December 20, 2012               Call for applications announcement

§  January 18, 2013       Final application deadline

§  January 21 – 31, 2013            Internal/External Reviews

§  February 1, 2013                     Approval Notifications

§  Mar  1 – 3, 2013                        Business Skills Development Weekend (approved applicants must be available)

§  March 7, 2013                          Funding Announcements

Important dates for future rounds are pending.

Program Contacts:  All applications must be sent to