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startup genome

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About startup genome

who this is for

  • community builders focused on growing and connecting their local startup community.
  • 1st time entrepreneurs trying to get plugged in to their city’s startup scene.
  • startups and investors trying to find talent, partners and each other.
  • economic researchers looking to better understand their city’s entrepreneurial climate.
  • the mission

    We want to enable local startup communities to collect, curate and display their city’s data anyway they want.

    Startup community builders are amazing people. They’re selfless. They care deeply about growing and strengthening their city’s ecosystem. They inspire, organize, educate, mentor, connect… whatever it takes to support their community.

    We want to help them to do what they do best by giving them a tool to collect and gather their city’s data and present it anyway they want – whether that’s on Startup Genome’s city pages, embedding it on other websites, or by using our free API to pull data into their local projects.

    What’s a Startup?

    Geographically-agnostic companies with the potential to scale quickly.

    Geographically agnostic means that the company will likely grow outside of its hometown. If all of a company’s customers reside within driving distance, it’s not a startup. There must be a potential to expand to new geographic regions. By this definition, the local restaurant down the street that just opened a second location is not a startup.

    Scale quickly means that the company can be considered “high growth.” If user-adoption and/or revenue does not have the potential to grow quickly, it’s not a startup.