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Chad’s ideas were creative and out-of-the-box. He opened our students eyes to the possibilities of success as an entrepreneur by looking at the hurdles ahead of them and provided them with strategies to jump over them. Koodoos to Chad! The experience provided our students with a fresh new look at business as they plan their career pathways. The “Spark Den” was especially fun! Thank you again. We hope to have another workshop in the spring!
Kathleen Moraghan

“This program SPARKED my creative thought!”
Megan Galea

“I really enjoyed all the fun and interactive activities”
Dylan Manser

“A really interesting experience, I would gladly visit again!”
Shane Araujo

” I had a great time, would come back again!”
Aidan Boucher

Read comments from the first session we did with 90 Grade 8’s from Holly Meadows

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