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Week 6 had us diving back into our passions and mission and trying to flesh them out using metaphors and similes.

Similes and Metaphors

Comparison thinking using similes helps create connections that make what you’re trying to solve or describe better understood, which can then lead to solutions.


Thinking metaphorically opens your eyes to see the similarities between dissimilar things. This is a trait of creative thinking and can then lead to solutions.

1. To Solving Problems 

In small groups, with the glass top tables turned sideways as on-the-floor white boards, they dove in.

Write a problem in the middle of your table, white boards or sheet of paper.  Quickly draw lines out from the problem to new words.  Things associated, connect to it.  Start to infer ideas towards a possible solution or solutions (gut reaction).

2. To Realizing your Dreams

Individually in Journals:

If My Burden were a colour it would be….

If my skills were a vehicle or tool it would be…

If my MISSION were an animal it would be a….

Group Exercise – in circle

I’m Like a…

Grab a bag and place office/school related items (ruler, paperclip, marker, paper) or smaller nature items (rock, flower peddle, branch) into it (30 plus items). This activity is about sharing something about yourself.  It’s also a great way to help the kids to think metaphorically, which is a great exercise for the brain.  For example if a student pulls out a ruler, they might say, “I’m good at setting things straight when there’s an argument,”  or if they choose a coloured marker, “I am a good artist…”  An eraser, “I make bad feelings go away…”  “I’m like a paperclip ’cause I’m small but very helpful.”  Alternatively you could spread out the objects on the floor and have each choose one in their head.  When it’s their turn they go up and grab it and describe how it’s like them.

This worked really well!  We thought we could do this in so many ways.  Maybe next time, we could use the objects to voice something in our life we need to work on.

 Web of Affirmation

(Winning the battle of being alone means encouraging one another.)

Holding a ball of yarn, have everyone sit in a circle.  Hold the end of the yarn and whoever you throw the ball to, say something positive that you like about the person.

Skills, personality, character traits.

Each person who receives the ball and affirmation says, “Thanks.”

Everyone hangs on to the yarn with one hand and tosses the ball of yarn with the other. Soon you have a “spider web” of affirmation and gratefulness.

It’s when we recognize and celebrate the collective strength of each other that we will succeed.  When we build each other up instead of tear each other down we will see a better future.  Share about how a culture of encouragement creates STRENGTH. Like a web, our individual actions effect the whole.  Pull one strand  – many, if not all, will feel it.