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For those new to SPARK, this is a pilot project with 90 Jr High students from Holly Meadows ES.  Its An alternative learning environment focusing on creative and critical thinking and helping them discover their BPM (Burden+Passion=Mission)  We just finished week 11, so I have a few weeks of summary to catch up with.  In the meantime – enjoy some honest feedback from a few of the students!

“Spark has affected me in a way that I am no longer completely focused on my problems but focused on how I can solve them. How I can change the world.” – Jessica

“I think Spark is an awesome program and it helps me get out of my shell, share what I want, but I’m still shy. I love how we are all there together to help each other with problems.” – Ashly

“The Creative Space visits have really opened my eyes to my surroundings and have made me realize there is a world of opportunity.”

“I like Spark because it drives you to want to change and stuff. I feel like it’s making us pick what we want to do in the future. The activities are fun and cool. They help you make decisions and be creative.”  – Griffin

“Spark has changed my view on the way I see life. I feel more compassionate about issues that not only affect myself as an individual but is also affecting my peers, the community or even the world.” – Megan

“Spark is a place to go when you have ideas. You don’t have to feel judged or pressured by your peers since they’re doing the same thing. It’s a comfortable environment to express your opinions and yourself.”

“Spark is Pro! I like Spark. It’s really fun. It’s fun ‘cuz we can be in a place where we can let our ideas out.” – TM

“Great experience with learning with the class. Skills that are useful for school and addressing problems.”-  JB

“I think that Spark is a creative project. It gets you thinking about a lot of stuff. I also think the logo is very cool as well.”

“The Spark Project has been really cool so far. I have enjoyed all the activities we have done and they have been very thought provoking. I am really looking forward to presenting the issue I have chosen from my BPM. I think it will be a great evening.”

“I like that Spark allows teens to open their minds to global issues and break through the status quo.”

“I like how interactive the program is and how everything is us and our ideas.”

“So far I have noticed I do like Spark. It’s been able to catch my interest, unlike many other activities. I have started to enjoy this project!!”

“The Spark project has been a really inspiring journey for me as a teacher. I have enjoyed the process of differentiating instruction to appeal and engage all my students. It has felt great to provide them with this unique experience and empowers their voice and ignite their passion for learning.” – L. Copland, Grade 8 Teacher