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Students figuring out their BPMs - Burdens+Passion=Mission. Great times!

TCS is not just a place for SMEs to find space to relate, collaborate and create.  It’s now a place for Jr High kids to get excited about changing the world!  Sandra, Caedda and I spent the latter half of the afternoon with 80+ Grade 8 students at Holly Meadows ES launching a new idea. (Name to be determined later.)  One of three Grade 8 classes will then come to The Creative Space for more activities, once a week, focused on creative thinking and learning.  Thanks to the three amazing teachers who formed this initial team. Thanks to Jan, a Principal with vision. Thanks to Bill Trayling who connected us all together. Thanks to the students who will take this journey. We hope to see more schools jump in. Now we REALLY need our loft glass wall – anyone want to sponsor?