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give-thanks2Chad here at TCS on New Years Eve day…working a bit, cleaning and hanging with JOJE (John Coros) as he rocks out some trim and other finishing pieces to our renos. Super blessed for their support of Barrie’s small businesses and The Creative Space.

I’ve also be reflecting on 2012 and all that’s happened at and around TCS.  Although we could list all the milestones (which I will in a new post) I want to focus on what makes TCS what it is.  And it’s all about the who!  We are blessed by many others who have helped in 2012.  I’m going to TRY and thank as many as I can.  I’m sure I’ll miss a few, so I apologize!  (And I apologize for any typos!)

TCS is a completely volunteer run, labour of love operation. We have ZERO staff, but MANY servants.

First, thanks to my wife Sandra, who is the Energizer Bunny in keeping things rolling with admin, cleaning, reception, etc.  She’s a full-time mom, part-time with Rhubarb Media and part-time with TCS on top of volunteering for various theatre groups and other orgs.  Add all that up and the math doesn’t work, but somehow she manages.  The most giving person I know and I honour her this year and every year for hanging on and keeping all these crazy ventures from flying off into orbit!  Although you allow me to fly off into space sometimes…you are my gravity.

Thanks to my kids, Connory, Caedda and Keelan for suffering through a few rounds of cleaning duties and letting Dad out to assorted community, business and network events.  Although I hang out with creative people all day, I think my kids are the most cool and creative people I know.  Hold on world, here they come!

Thanks to my God, without whom I would have no inner strength or the compassion to carry on with this vision. To Him be the glory.

From here on out, there is no reason for the order….

Thanks to all the TCS members who, although they pay a membership fee, they still are what makes this space awesome.  Some have helped receive guests and packages and give tours and just overall keep this space a friendly community.

Thanks to Patricia and Rob Dent for their investment (on many levels) and servant hearts.

Thanks to Laurentian University and Craig Fowler who are are biggest sponsor so far and due to their contribution we are enjoying some of these newest improvements to the space.  We are hoping to see more ways to partner in the new year.

Thanks to Plumbtech for their donation of sink and bathroom fixtures.

Thanks to John and Jeannie Coros of JOJE for donating the flooring for most of the new floor space.

Thanks to “M”, our Sunday morning crew who have donated some extra funds to TCS beyond their membership.

Thanks to Mirepoix (“Uncle Dave”) for donating his time in guiding us and setting up a better network for our members to stay connected to the interweb at TCS.

Thanks to Alex Hillman from Indy Hall.  A wealth of coworking knowledge and a giver!

Thanks to Ryan Traversy from At the Five for giving us some sweet free apps every time we do a drinks with the community!

Thanks to Tim Petitpas for volunteering and working so hard to get the walls mudded, sanded and painted.

Thanks to Marc Hill for being one of our first members at TCS and growing your company Digital Giants here at TCS and for your trusted critique this year.

Thanks to Tyler Steingard for helping with the IT support.

Thanks to Jess Clarke for her cupcakes for TCS birthdays and other occasions!

Thanks to Shawn Palmer of Simcoe North Fixtures and Packaging for lending us his miter saw to finish the last of the flooring and donating the bike rack panel   and for sponsoring Ignite and and giving us special deals for the SBS cards. Much appreciated. He and Rebecca are great people with such giving hearts!

Thanks to Sarah Ballantyne for helping to clean once in a while.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks to Chris Timal for your encouragement and for trying to find us interested investors.

Thanks to those who have helped plan and run some great programs and events at TCS.

SPARK – Thanks to Bill Trayling, Jan Olson, Tim Smith, Mark Wilson, Leslie Copeland for seeing the vision and making it a success.  Thanks to the 90 kids who joined in the fun and learning.  Still considering what SPARK will become ongoing, but we’re working on it!

Ontario Coworking Forum – Thanks to Rachel from Camaraderie for all her help and her continued support of the coworking movement in Ontario!

Ignite Barrie – Thanks Bob Minhas and Stuart Murray for helping to plan it this fall.  A great event and we’re aiming for the next one in March, 2013.

Small Business Success – thanks Patricia again for getting this off the ground.  Hoping 2013 we’ll see more SME’s tap into the wealth of knowledge we have in Barrie.
Thanks to Georgian College’s, Gary Boydell for all your cheerleading and for Barb Watts and Barrie Public Library and Chris Vanderkruys for sponsoring our Mentor Ready session with Jeremy OKrafka!

Barrie Open Coffee Club – Thanks to Scot Thom for helping get this rolling and for Rebecca Palmer for offering to help as well.

Thanks to Mark Wretham from SNAP Barrie for always snapping our events!

Thanks to the local artists who have placed their work in the space this year.  Janet NessSteve CoplandGavy Swan, Thera Freeman
If you are an artist and want some wall space let us know.

Thanks to The City of Barrie leaders for attending events and spreading the word about TCS.  This past year we’ve had Mayor Jeff in here a few times(bought a shirt at Ignite – thanks!) Also, Hani Kirolos, Quammie Williams and counsellors John Brassard (who did a Spark session) Alex Nuttall, Lynn Strachan, Barry Ward and Craig Stevens from the BIA.

Thanks to Rod Jackson and Kelly McKenna for their support!  Rod even mentioned us at Queen’s Park!

Thanks to Chris Adams for your words of wisdom.  Looking forward to picking your brain in 2013.

Thanks to Dan Lynch for your encouragement, RTs and ideas.

Thanks to Mark Porter and his team for taking good care of us at #12

Like I said, I’m sure I missed a few and if that’s you, I’m sorry, and I’ll be sure to do a part 2 to this post to fill in the missing “thanks.”

We look forward to serving the city of Barrie’s small business community in 2013.  If you are still thinking about taking the leap, take advantage of the New Year’s Special.

See you all in 2013!