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28 Grade 8’s from Holly Meadows converged on The Creative Space this afternoon.  They all bussed down on a city bus (some for the first time). We introduced them to Ignite presentations. Each student will put one together for a May evening event where the top 10 will be presented live.  Teacher, Mark Wilson challenged them with a video on Flying Cars to get them to think differently about a “problem.”  We set up the space to accommodate what I call Learning Postures.  Two large tables with chairs, one large standing table and two glass tops directly on the floor for the floor sitters/loungers.  They gravitated to their zones.  All tables were glass tops and they had access to multi-coloured dry-erase markers.  Let the doodling begin!  We brainstormed what to call this “gathering” and challenged them to continue to think differently.  They posted their name ideas on the wall and voted.  Four sticky dots each, four votes only.  Most dots on an idea moved it on to Round Two.  The other two classes did the same over at Holly Meadows Community Centre.  We hope to have a new name for next week!  If you are interested in helping, sponsoring, or whatever, let us know!  Who knows where this will lead!