Collected by Loosecubes

1. The Visionary: Goodbye to the Office (Seth Godin)

Factories used to be arranged in a straight line. That’s because there was one steam engine, and it turned a shaft. All the machines were set up along the shaft, with a belt giving each of them power. The office needed to be right next to this building, so management could monitor what was going on.

2. The Rundown: Coworking: An Introduction (Creative Wonk)
…working from home instead of in an office setting can be isolating. Working from home often means not having someone right there with me to validate decisions or keep me and my business pointed in the right direction.

3. The Big Experiment: The Case, and the Plan, for the Virtual Company (Inc. Magazine)
We have been told by entrepreneurs, academics, and consultants that getting rid of the office and working remotely can make a company more productive, better for the planet, and cheaper to run. We have also heard that the idea of taking an organization like ours virtual is totally crazy.
It is a little bit crazy, but it also just might be the future of work. So we tried it. What follows is what we learned — the why, the how, and the why not of going virtual. Think of it as your blueprint for your officeless future.

4. The Workspace Space: Alternative Workspaces (Business Week)
Why is a shared workspace better than a coffee shop? Well, for one, you don’t have to buy coffee by the cup. And the collegial atmosphere can spark big ideas and plenty of networking opportunities. Here’s a look inside some of the co-working facilities springing up worldwide to provide entrepreneurs and other members of the mobile workforce with desk space and a WIFI connection for less than $500 per person per month.

5. The Side Benefits: Collaborative Consumption and the Coworking Community (Cohere Community)
“Collaborative consumption” is a new phrase that has entered our business and social lexicon. It signals the way some people are changing their consumption habits away from individual consumption and toward a focus on trading, sharing, bartering and lending within a community. And it’s happening in coworking.