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So many of you have joined in on the adventure of the last 11 years. Through the work with The Creative Space and all the other startup and entrepreneurship support events and programs, we’ve either run or been involved with, so many have been there to support, cheer on, and/or have joined the community.  We took almost an entire year off to reflect on it all and see what our next steps would be after having to close down at our 5 points location.  Having spent a year in our new 800 s/f space we decided to ask the question, “Does Downtown Barrie need a Creative Space and the kind of energy and programs that came out of it all?”  We’ve heard most of you say, YES! And so even during some tough times for us, we are going to re-open.

We also are hearing from many around the coworking community that coworking spaces are going to be a big need post COVID and even during these re-entry phases.   One, for those needing to focus and move from their isolation to a safe and more productive environment.  And, two, many corporations are keeping their offices closed and/or downsizing their footprints and allowing their employees to work where they live.  Stop the commute! That’s all great, but working from home is not always the best solution!  And so we see coworking spaces like ours seeing a new wave of exposure and interest.

So with that, all said…..

The Creative Space Downtown will officially re-open mid-July.
Our space is 800 Square feet and features:
– 9 open space desks
– bathroom
– kitchen
– call booth
– hallway board room.
– 1G Internet

With our new little space, we will not be hosting big events these days, but with some partnerships, we may get back to running all those cool events you’ve been used to over our 11 years downtown. Ignite Barrie, smOffice, TrepTalks, TrepMixers, 5×5, Pitch Planet, Mentor Mash, etc…

If you are looking for downtown space, APPLY NOW as space is limited. We will have COVID health protocols in place, such as social distancing, desk dividers, sanitizer stations, available masks, and the space will not be receiving walk-ins or client meetings on-site for now.

Opening between July 13-20th!
Set date coming. Follow socials.

We look forward to seeing you and getting back to serving our startup community.

If you are not looking for space please consider passing this news on to those who may be interested.

Chad & Sandra

Barrie’s Newest Coworking Space is coming!

We have some cool news!

We’ve teased a little bit about some sort of venture in or near the woods… so here are the woods goods:

I have partnered with Brandon Day from Community Builders to start a new coworking space called Canopy Coworking, another Creative Space Collective initiative!

The vision is a more rural coworking space, connected to nature and people who want to use business, ideas, and resources to do good in the community.

Canopy Coworking will be a place for entrepreneurs, startups, and social purpose organizations that value relationships, collaboration, and sharing knowledge. Just like all TCS initiatives, it is a safe place to start and grow your business. It will run on a membership model and there is something for everyone.

The space is approximately 2200 square feet and will offer three private offices, 15+ flex-desk stations, two meeting rooms, and two call booths. It will offer free parking and in the warmer months a second story deck to coworkers or just breathe in the open air! It’s also just steps away from some beautiful walking trails in the forest when you need to clear your head or just take a break.

If you know of anyone in your network that could benefit from being a member at Canopy we would love it if you would share this link for them to apply and get more information. (A waiting list will be created.)

Apply Here

We are planning to open in August or Labour Day Week and feel like this is what the world needs as we are all adjusting to what work looks like after COVID… working from home may not be all it’s cracked up to be for many -and certainly working from the office will never be the same – and we feel coworking offers a great balance.

Your Space awaits!


PS. ICYMI The Foundry (Formerly The Creative Space Collingwood) is also open!

If you are in the Collingwood area this space is for you!

Some awesome news is coming from Brandon Houston as well!

All these spaces follow strong core values of collaboration, openness, sustainability, accessibility, and community.