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Feb 14 – Today we met with Mr. Tim’s class.  The agenda for the day was to go over the Battles we face when trying to fullfill our life’s mission:

Battle 1: Be Normal vs Be Creative

Battle 2:  Be Famous vs Be Great

Battle 3: Be Alone vs Be A Team
We worked on being creative during our very first session at HMES four weeks ago so this time we took on the other 2.
They brainstormed Famous people vs Great people.  Interestingly, we often still attribute Greatness to what someone can DO as opposed to who they ARE and how they give back to the community.  Still overall, I think they got it.
During our fist session we learned how to determine our personal mission in life.  B+P=M   Burden+Passion=Mission
To help win the battle of doing it alone we did an exercise to get their collective BPMs together.  They choose a prop, came up with a company name, named the “thing” and then presented a commercial as to why we should buy it.  Very fun!

Today – I just finished a Skype video call into the art room of Holly Meadows ES.  All 90 kids were there awaiting the final choice of the names they selected to call this “thing.”  Drumroll……..  SPARK!

Jess, Rhubarb Media’s Graphic Designer then shared some steps to creating a great logo and they were each to draw a logo for the program.  Rhubarb will collect the artwork, choose the winner and turn it into the logo for the group.  Yaaaaa – branding!!


Next week: Critical Thinking