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Scenario #1

You love your home office.  Cozy, quiet and familiar.  After refilling your coffee for the 4th time, the clothes washer buzzes…the dog makes a mess…the couch forces you to nap…the retired neighbor pops over to shoot the breeze…the kids roll in from school at 3:30…Your spouse asks you to prep supper.
Another productive day at “the office.”

Scenario #2

You jump out of bed and get ready for a day at the office – your home office, that is.  You are excited as you have an important client meeting at 11am.  This could be a huge contract!  You start your day with breakfast and coffee (do the dishes) and head to the “office.”  At 10:55, you hear the car pull up.  Yes!  The doorbell rings and just as you open the front door open you feel an odd draft on your legs… you are still in your bedtime boxers.

Scenario #3

You’ve settled into your office, aka “Joe’s Coffee shop.”  It’s cool, vibrant and the coffee is sooo good ($3-$6)  Plus, FREE WIFI!!  You get a skype call…on goes the headset!  SPPPLSSSHHHSSSSS says the espresso machine.  “What?!, sorry, can’t hear you”, says potential client on the other line!  “Ah sorry – I’ll have to call you back later.” (they don’t answer your call later)  The music is good today….Whilllllaaaaakkkkzzzzzzz says the ice crusher!  “Bla, bla, bla, bla, yadda, yadda, BLA, BLA” says the guy across from you talking to his girlfriend whom he just broke up with…not his fault though..she’s a pain in the butt…he shouldn’t be the one to apologize, although as far as you’re concerned. he should, the jerk!   – Oh, right, you should be working.  Client meeting!  ($3-$6) You cozy up side by side (just you bros) to go over a presentation.  Sally walks in (your old flame).  Looks at you cozy’d up beside suit guy and decides to chat.  NOT RIGHT NOW!, says your eyes… Presentation over, Client leaves, coffee empty and Joe is glaring at you as the cafe is full and some clients come in and go out due too no seating.  $3-$6 for another appeasement coffee, plus a “I’m sorry for not leaving room for others” pastry. $4.50.  You have to go the bathroom!  Shouldn’t leave the computer, might get stolen. Leave your coat to save you seat. Pack up your equipment and take it to the bathroom with you – Eeeeuwww.
Hey, it’s FREE WIFI!

Scenario #4

You’re working from your kitchen counter on a project all morning and are stuck on a problem. You rack your brain, ask Google, doodle on a piece of notepaper, go back and forth in your head…nothing. You turn to your cat, who is looking at you with the same puzzled face. You point to the little pad of paper and ask, “what would you do?”, before realizing that #1, you are asking your cat for advice and #2, you may need to schedule an appoint with your psychiatrist.
Working alone sucks. 

Anyone relate or got anymore stories?

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